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Cat in Bandages: Pet First Aid Certificate Course for Cats and Dogs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Learn First Aid for Pets as a Pet Owner or Pet Care ProfessionalRated "Best and Most Practical" Pet First Aid course


DogGuru Pet First Aid offers a solid, experience-based Pet First Aid Certificate course for both dog and cat owners and Pet Care Professionals.


This Veterinarian-approved Certificate Course was developed in 2007 with the goal of bringing a more 'reality-based' approach to Pet First Aid.  Cheryl Orletsky, known as the DogGuru, is also the Founder/Director of Holiday Pet Care, a highly successful cagefree boarding and dog daycare facility in Thornhill.  Through her experience with thousands and thousands of pets, over the past two decades, she saw the need for a course that addressed the real side of what people face every day with their pets.  This Pet First Aid course, that she helped develop, is now a leader in the world of educating Professionals about how to care for their clients pets, and in giving pet parents 'peace-of-mind' that they know what to do.


DogGuru Pet First Aid is in it's infancy of growth, yet we have established a clear reputation in the Ontario Pet Care Community as providing a down-to-earth, yet entertaining education on both preventative care, maintenance care (including naturopathic methods) and of course, emergency care. 



In This Pet First Aid Course You Will Learn:


Be there when your pet needs you!   Feel confident that you will know what to do, should the time ever come!



Toronto Based Pet First Aid course


Currently, Pet First Aid courses are held at PawsWay Toronto, 245 Queens Quay, North Building, Toronto, Ontario (Harbourfront Centre)


Pet First Aid courses are generally held two or three times per year.

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Dog with Pet First Aid kit: Pet First Aid Certificate Course for Cats and Dogs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Learn First Aid for Pets as a Pet Owner or Pet Care Professional



If you wish for a Pet First Aid instructor to come to your group or facility, call or email for more information. 

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What Else Does DogGuru offer?

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In addition to Pet First Aid, the most popular include the Professional Pet Care 101 Internship Program (for those interested in more knowledge and experience to work within the pet care industry), and Individual Consultations (as a Pet Care business mentor, or for Dog Training).